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Beaver Grab Bag


XL Goody bag with metal top closure

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XL Goody bag with metal top closure

The massive 45cm X 50cm opening, flexible nylon fabric combined with heavy duty mesh material make the Beaver Grab Bag the prime choice for use as a Divers Goody Bag during underwater item recovery.

The corrosion resistant 316 Marine Grade stainless steel frame features a locking clip that can be quickly and easily operated with only one hand. Complete with an integral high-tensile nylon D-Ring for secure attachment to a suitable position on your B.C.D., Technical Diving Harness, SCUBA Wing or other equipment.

The tough open mesh fabric ensures rapid draining of amassed water and fast drying after use.

Measures 100cm – 39 1/2″ in length and 55cm – 21 1/2″ wide, providing plenty of space for any items to be lifted to the surface. COLOUR: BLACK. EMPTY EIGHT: 0.60Kgs.